I had heard a lot about this place before I finally got a chance to be there with a few of my friends. This place has magnificent and inviting aura with beautiful decor. Talking about the food, I have just one word-“amazing”. We tasted the following food & drinks:-

Tashani Kiwi, Watermelon Mojito, Strawberry & Mint Margarita, Jack & Jill, Tom Collins, Whisky Sour, Bloody Mary, Blue Saphire and Tashani Martini Green Apple and.

All the drinks were very refreshing. Tashne Kiwi was my favourite among all, it was very rejuvenating. I didn’t like Watermelon Mojito because sugar was on higher side.

tashan 1
• LEHSOOONI ONION SOUP – This flavourful & yummy soup was ultimate blend of onion & garlic with milk. I love the hint of garlic in whatever dish I am offered, so this soup was definitely a real delight.

• BAINGAN KI CHAAT- This was something I had never tasted before. Ingredients included Pomegranate, Aubergine, Chutneys and Dahi and other regular chaat spices, inter alia.

• MUSHROOM GALOUTI KEBAB WITH SOUR CREAM – Delish and loaded with mushrooms.

• PANEER MALAI TIKKA – It was served with mint chutney, nice in taste with good aroma

• CRISPY ROMALI AND ROASTED TOMATO GARLIC DIP – These crispy romali were looking like papad and served with yummy roasted tomato garlic dip. Just amazing in taste.

• TANDOORI WASABI PRAWNS – These tandoori Wasabi Prawns were served with wasabi Raita. Palatable in taste.

• GREEN APPLE & LENTIL – Great flavour; being served in shot glasses, made it look even better.

• JALJEERA SHOT – It was like golgappe ya jaljeere ka zabardast paani.

tashan 7
• JACK IN A POCKET – Made with jackfruit, a completely palatable dish. Must try.

• TASHANI SOYA TACOS – Nicely presented in ‘make-your-own’ style. This mouth watering Soya Tacos Platter was served with 3 types of dips and one tomato chutney. It was great in taste. Loved it.

• GOBHI AND SPINACH KI BHURJI – I loved it. It was something I had never tried before. Must Try.

• TRIO ARBI- It was a delish trio of three varieties of colocasia- mashed, fried and gravy variant.

• NADRU KE KOFTE- It has kamal kakdi (lotus stem) which is known for its crispiness once fried. This was definitely a melt-in-mouth scrumption Kofta preparation.

• DAL PESHAWAR – It was like ghar ki peeli daal with goodaromatic tadka.

tashan 6
• CHICKEN TOOFANI – Succulent, moist and yummy pieces of chicken were served with spicy onion tomato masala gravy.

• GOL BOTI RAGOUT – Still drooling over it. Delectable Bhuna Mutton was prepared in a spicy onion tomato gravy. Must Try

• LEMON GRASS BUTTER CHICKEN – It was butter chicken with a hint of Thai flavours.

• BACON WALA PRAWN – I found them average in taste.

• FISH FILLET BANGLA – Scrumptious in taste.


BAKED YOGHURT and BHUNI ROTI KA HALWA. – THE only apt word to describe these two desserts YUMMMMMYYYYY…….. LOVED IT.
tashan 5

Nice Ambience and commodious seating. I relished every bit of the food served. The service was super-prompt and the overall experience was excellent. I strongly recommend this place. Add to your wish-list now, be there and have fun.
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