SMAAASH @Cyber Hub

Some days back one of my friends was visiting me for some days. Since he doesn’t stay in Delhi and comes to Delhi only once in a while, whenever he comes, he asks me about good places and we explore them together.
This time he came and Smaash was already in my list because it had been long since I visited it last and it’s always pleasure to be here.
We went there with another friend and three of us had so much fun! Smaaash takes you back to childhood days and the kid in you will definitely enjoy each game that it has.
Virtual reality rides, the dance floor, haunted hospital, basketball, bike rides etc, all of them are so much fun!

I was glad my friend was happy with the decision to go to Smaaash.
They also have Gurgaon Bar Exchange which offers scrumptious food. We had chilly chicken, fish croquettes and prawns, each of them was excellently prepared.

This place is a complete package of fun, excitement, food and drinks.
Totally in love with it!


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