Lights Camera Action Air Bar @ Rajourie Garden

Lights Camera Action is a complete bollywood themed restaurant. In fact, the people over here are so much in love with bollywood that they have even named the dishes after it. Imagine that!
The interiors of the place are beautifully designed with movies and sitcom posters which altogether look very splendid. Overall, the decors will be a delight to the eyes for all the movie buffs and even to those who enjoy movies.
The menu contains a lot of items from different cuisines out of which I ordered-

1). Oreo Shake- Oreo is one of my favorite biscuits and it delivers a delectable taste when used as a principal ingredient for a shake. This amazing beverage tastes yummy and should definitely be tried by all the chocolate lovers.

2). Summer Cooler- Quite refreshing and rejuvenating and an amazing choice for the burning summers.

3). Strawberry Mojito- This mojito also tasted delectable along with a sweet taste of fresh strawberries. Can be tried by all the mojito lovers.

4). Caramel Shake- My personal favorite. Comes with a delicious taste of caramel which makes your mouth water and leaves you craving for more. Should definitely be tried by all the visitors.

For Cocktails, one can always go for Sparkling Orange and Daquiri, both of which taste good and can be described as decent cocktails.

Now get ready for some interesting names of dishes that will make you smile a bit and crave you to devour them-

‘Merey Boss Waale Chicken Wings’- Succulent pieces of chicken which are spicy as well as yummy, make this interesting version of chicken fry wings a must for all the non- vegetarians.

‘Pyaar Tune Quesedillas’- This dish a delicious one to have and is stuffed with creamy cottage cheese.

Apart from these, Patakha Chicken and Veg Murgh Tikka are also scrumptious and is recommend to all the spicy chicken dish lovers.

Although, My favorite starter remains the Naanza which is a kind of pizza prepared with utmost care and attention by the LCA people. It is undoubtedly worth trying for all the pizza readers.

For the main course, I went ahead by ordering the following-

-Chinese Noodles with Chilli Chicken

-Mutton Rogan Josh

-Dal Makhani

– Chicken Biryani

All of the above mentioned items were quite good and definitely deserves appreciation with a special mention for Dal Makhani and Chicken Biryani. These are the two items that you should definitely look forward once you visit the Lights Camera Action air bar.
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