FARZI CAFE (CP): Illusions You Would Cherish

Caution !! Nothing farzi about it. But yes !! let me explain to you WHAT MAKES IT FARZI? Farzi means ‘fake’ and this cafe serves some delectable dishes and drinks which farzify you by creating gustatory illusions and you are like-“Oh God, what I just tasted?” This place is all about sheer bliss of some exclusive delicacies on the table comprising good food and drinks of all genres, setting standards of culinary authenticity and genuineness. Sumptuous food, great drinks & dazzling ambience is all I remember about this place. The first look at the menu itself will bring smile on your face while going through those innovative and comically bizarre names of dishes. This wonderful place is located in E Block, Connaught Place and easy to locate. From the ambience to the food everything is top notch.


I was totally enraptured by the classy & eye catching décor of this place. Interiors were predominantly wood and glass based. They have commodious dine in area, stage for live band/music & astonishing bar having great collection of drinks to farzified you. One of the best parts is that they have separate smoking zone to provide comfort to non smokers. The décor is very sylish & quirky embellished with hanging baskets, Chandeliers, Typewriter, bicycle (clock), Sheesha (Truck & Gun styled) and beautiful frames showcased on walls.

We got chance to taste a lot of things here, as we are in group. They have very rich menu, (having great fusion of Indian & Western Dishes) which was brilliantly designed keeping in mind the taste of all genres.




Cocktails – We went for Farzi Apple Foamintini, Farzi Idea, Bang bang, Santa Banta, Monkey Sour, Farzi Tina, Chuski Margarita & Kala Jamun Banta. Out of them, my favourites include Chuski Margarita, Farzi Idea & Bang Bang, they were just great in taste.

Mocktails – Farzi Ok, Date Me, Italian Smooch, Strawberry Lemonade and Lichi Panna Desire. Being a hardcore alcoholic, I didn’t try cocktails but my friends were telling me that they were something awesome in taste.



NON-VEG DELIGHTS – In non veg we ordered Farzi fried chicken, Bhatti ke murg, Tempura fried prawns & Chilli pork ribs.

• Farzi Fried chicken – Chicken was served in a cute green & black truck along with white sauce in a scoop. Chicken pieces were moist, succulent & nicely flavoured

• Tempura Fried Prawns – It is served in innovative style, was presented in a wooden rock plate, red juicy prawns were topped with foam. The prawns were fresh & juicy in taste.

• Bhatti Ka Murg – They were just yumm in taste served on a grill plate with white sauce having brown onion in it. Chicken pieces were so well grilled in bhatti that the meat was easing coming out.

• Chilli Pork Ribs – Chilli Pork Ribs were lubricated in sweet & tangy sauce that divine for anyone’s palate. Must Try.

VEG DISHES – In veg we ordered Dal Chawal Arancini, Vada Pav Farzified, Mac & Cheese Pakora Bites, Tandoori Soya Chops, Tandoori Paneer Salad & Bombal Bhel Version 2.0.

• Dal Chawal Arancini – These fried balls were delectable to taste buds, topped with little rolls of papad.

• Vada Pav Ferzified – It was topped with green chilli & green chutney. Soft and sumptuous, must Try.

• Mac & Cheese Pakora – It was served on a cycle along with dip. These mac & cheese pakora was simply yumm and cheesy in taste.

• Tandoori Soya Cops – These chops were served with white sauce beautifully garnished and were juicy in taste.

• Bombay Bhel Version 2.0. – This is something that one won’t miss. Just one word to describe this “ Temptingly tasty”. Must Try.


In desserts we tried Milky Way Bing Bang, Nolan Gud Baklava, Chocolate Dirt Pile, Baileys lollipop and Rasmalai Tres Leches. All the deserts were good in taste but my favourite was Rasmalai Tres Leches .

• Rasmalai Tres Leches – It was thick & yummy and amazing in taste. Still drooling over it.

• Mishti Doi Shots – It is something that I can never forget. They were strawberry flavoured shots, that got dissolved like a bubble as you take them in your mouth. Must try.

The service staff was attentive, courteous and polite and on their toes for serving us. My overall experience was excellent. Definitely worth visiting again and again as they keep serving delicious food with such an appreciable customer service.
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