The Flying Saucer Cafe @ Nehru Place

I have always heard that people travel anywhere for good food-it’s crazy. Besides, one doesn’t need a silver fork to eat good food. So, what are the perks of being in a city like New Delhi? Well, for me it is and has always been the advantage of trying an extensive miscellany of eatables across all the different corners of the city. Till now I have been able to visit quite a lot of restaurants and have developed a peculiar way of judging them. The Flying Saucer Café has been on my list since quite a long time and I finally managed to give it a try.

The ambience was quite unique with dark colour interiors and refined works of art decorated all over the wall. It had huge outdoor and indoor spaces which I think was quite commendable. The furniture included beautiful couches, high chairs, barstools and comforting chairs which were as good as they looked. What caught my attention was the huge space inside and outside the restaurant which most of the places in Delhi lack. As far as the edibles were concerned we ordered almost everything including drinks, starters and desserts.


Nachos- A Tex-Mex dish from Northern Mexico. Composed of tortilla chips covered with cheese. Here, the nachos did not fail to impress, they were as amazing as I had heard and the cheese sauce is a must try. (STRONGLY RECOMMENDED)

Garlic Bread with Red Sauce- The Garlic Bread at the Flying Saucer is quite different from the other you might have had as it has a lot of other ingredients that one may encounter for the first time. Overall, I would say it is delicious and the red sauce is the one I would be craving for days.

Vada pav- The traditional Marathi dish which is most common in its native region. A simple creation of fried potato patty with some coriander and spices,delicious to devour with some hot chilles. It was mediocre in taste but I bet people who have had it in Maharashtra may find their version better instead.

Chilli Paneer- A bit sour I would say, but edible.

Dahi Kebab- These dumplings are amazing classic appetizers that can be a delight to your taste buds. It comprises greek yoghurt and slices of bread. It was nice to eat and the spices were perfectly blended.


Dal Chawal- People might wonder why has he tried something that almost every Indian eats regularly? Well, I decided to do something unusual this time. At Flying Saucers it was elegant and pretty decent.

Butter Chicken with Malabar Paratha- Cooked with immense perfection. A must try for all the butter chicken lovers.

Brownie(with ice cream)- A fudgy and frosty Ice cream cake with delicious vanilla coating that melts perfectly over the top, this brownie is one of the best I have had since long.

Finally, I would say that the place is a fantastic destination for delectable food, refreshing drinks and amazing desserts. Go for it, as they say-“food for the body is not enough, there must be food for the soul.” Recommended.
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