Padmanabham, GK-I

Recently visited this newly opened Padmanabham’s outlet with my friends situated in N Block, GK-1 market. Its Interiors reflect classy architectural grace of Padmanabham Swamy Temple as well as the Mandala Art.

This place offers innovative South Indian culinary treats under one roof. One can relish scrumptious meals of Kerala, Andhra, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka here.

Key dishes that I relished here with my friends were Family dosa, Idli Platter ( Chettinad Masala Idli from Tamil Nadu, Mysore Idli from Karnataka, Mirappakai Idli from Andhra and Idli Thoran from Kerala), idiappam, Malabar Paratha, Murugan Idli, and Appam Stew.

We also tried Andhra Bhojanam which was traditionally served on banana leaf with a palatabt dishes that include banana, Banana chips, Uperi, Pappadum, pickles, gosu vepdu, kandha masala, vangaya curry, aratikaya pappu, Rasam, Sambhar, Curd, Poori and coconut rice etc.

The service was outstanding and staff was courteous.

Would love to visit this place again…Highly recommended !!


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