Lakhori-Haveli Dharampura @ Chandni Chowk

This 200 years old Haveli, situated in the crowded and narrow streets of Chandni Chowk, is a real Historical Heritage. You have to take backside of Jama masjid and then ask people to access this grand Haveli.

It is a perfect example of historic majesty & contemporary comfort. It is a part of the Shahjahanbad (Old Delhi) built by Shahjahan. As the days passed by it started deteriorating and needed initiatives to restore & conserve this precious historic property & architectural beauty without affecting its age long architectural quintessence. It took around 6 years to meet this restoration and revamp mission. And here we are, to witness the grandeur of this place.
As you enter, you will find yourself in a big courtyard in the centre of a beautiful haveli. You will be taken aback by its beauty be it walls, doors, pillars, arches & jaalis, everything will take you back to the pages of History and provide you a lucky chance to have the feel of the Mughal era.

This Haveli is sprawled across three floors including terrace area and has three staircases.These three floors have exclusive 13 fully furnished rooms including 06 Shahjahan Suites, 4 Diwn-e-khas Rooms & 03 Jharoka Rooms. Every room was designed while keeping in mind royal touch. They also have Rich Bar, Private Dinning Area & Lounge Areas. They offer 05 star hospitality to delight their customers.

This place is not only a treat to eyes but also to your tastebuds. It is also a good gastronomical destination for food lovers where they can really relish some delectable food and drinks.

We were are a group of 08 and ordered the following items:


• Jaha Ara – This cool sweet & sour refreshing syrup was a perfect blend of khus, sprite & green chilli.

• Kanji – It was offered as a welcome drink in a shot glasses. Had good flavor of mustard. Loved it.

• Blue Berry Mojito – It was okay in taste. Didn’t like it much.

• Chai Biscuit – It was a mixture of Vanilla Ice Cream, tea & Sweet Syrup. It was just like a cold chai biscuit.

• Gali Khajanchi – It was made up of Guava Juice, Sweet & sour mix, soda and chaat masala. Amazingly tasty.

• Madigrass – This smoothie was a unique combination of Ice Cream, yogurt, honey, cucumber, spinach & ginger.

• Lakhori Manjil – This smoothie was a blend of Ice Cream, yogurt, honey, beetroot & carrot. It was okay in taste.

• Kiwi Strawberry Smoothie – It was good in taste had ice cream, yogurt, honey, kiwi and strawberries.

• Dahi ki Arancini – These small scrumptious rounded Arancini were crispy from outside and soft from outside and the taste was just like Dahi ke kebab. It was served with green chutney.

• Palak Patta Chaat – It had fried spinach leaves with flavourful crisp topping of cool yogurt and spices. Loved it.

• Dahi Puri – These were gol gappa puris filled with yogurt & spices and served with sweet saunt water or tangy jaljeera.

• Kadak Roomali Masala / Karari Roti – It was huge 10” – 12” roomali roti in the form of a bowl having spices, chopped onions, tomatoes, coriander leaves over it and went well with hard drinks. Must try.

• Non Veg Gilouti Kebab – These palatable kebabs were just awesome and melted in mouth as I savoured


• Tamatar Dhaniya Shorma – It was okay in taste.

• Mint Raita – Good in taste.

• Kinari Bazaar Kofta Dogula – These cottage cheese koftas was served with two types of gravy i.e. tomato & cashew gravy. It was temptingly tasty.

• Kadhai Paneer – It was served beautifully in round chapatti. It was just great in taste. Loved it.

• Dharampura Special Dal – It have never had such a yummy & delish dal. Highly recommended.

• Aloo Katliyan – They were awesome in taste though I don’t like aloo. But when I tasted it I was like give me more.
• Aloo Gobhi Deconstructed – It was served in small basket like structure and its taste was like North Indian Aloo Gobhi.

• Mutton Korma – It was good in taste but could be better.


• Green & Red Chilli Parantha – Loved these paranthas. Interestingly different on tongue.

• Khurmi Naan – They were fresh and went well with curries.

We had different 03 flavours of Kheer including Paan Kheer, Dates Kheer & Betroot Kheer. All the kheer offerings were thick and creamy in taste and my favourite one is Paan Kheer.

We also tried various flavours of Kulfis including Malai, Paan, Mango & Strawberry. All the kulfis were served in chocolate shelf. My favourite was Paan & Mango.


The service and hospitality extended by their staff are appreciable. They was standing on their toes to serve us best. Overall an excellent experience. Highly Recommended.

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