Kama @ Radisson Blu, Kaushambi


Tucked away in one of the largest hotel chains of the country Radison Blue, is an eatery that delivers the traditional cuisines in such an outstanding way that sometimes you even forget that you are having it elsewhere. The place that I am talking about is Kama. Most commonly known for conducting numerous culinary festivals, this place is like a gastronomical paradise for anyone who relishes the native delicacies. Attended the Rajasthani Food Festival here a couple of days ago for Lunch and found everything here absolutely impeccable. With awe-inspiring interiors and a very elegant ambience, this place had me all set up for a glorious experience.


It was a lovely afternoon, warm and unhurried, beautiful view, people in various attires strolling, just how a perfect summer afternoon should be. Being blissfully idle, I decided it was now time for me to taste the food. Had the following-

Paneer Jaislameri Tikka- Extremely creamy and chessy. Grilled with flavored spices to perfection. Tasted outstanding.

Dhaniya Murg Tikka- Served on a skewer with a piquant mint chutney, tasted way too awesome.

Rajasthani Sampler- Comprises pakoras, samosas and other Rajasthani snacks. Tasted great.

Maas Ke Sule- It is nothing but a barbecue preparation of Lamb. From the beautiful presentation to a finger-licking taste, this one had everything to leave me craving for more. A fantastic one indeed!
kama 3

Daal Baati Churma- A traditional Rajasthani delicacy that will almost enchant you in its native flavors. A very delectable one.

Murgh ka Soweta- Had just the right amount of spices and a splendid presentation to make it a culinary masterpiece.

Mix Vegetable Jaipuri- Extremely creamy and scrumptious. The best mix veg. preparation that I have had. Period.

Kabuli Jodhpuri Pulao- Had a bit of a sweet flavor that tasted completely toothsome. (STRONGLY RECOMMENDED)

Laal Maas- After having this one, I was pretty certain that this is probably one of those very few places in the entire country where the vegetarian as well as the non-vegetarian delicacies are served with unbelievably amazing taste. Hands down!
kama 2

For the Desserts, I was served the Malai Ghewar- God I wish I could take an entire bag full of them. Had a sweet and delectable ‘rabri’ and comes with a topping of various dry fruits. Absolutely marvelous.

All in all, I am glad that I became a part of this gastronomical journey that had me going insane with its stupendous food.

It is something that no one who considers himself a gourmet or a food lover should miss.

Overall a fantastic experience. Just loved it. Still drooling.


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